You will receive an email immediately after purchase with a link to download your files. We recommend saving this email for future reference in case you accidentally delete your digital files!

All of the Fraîche digital prints are rectangular. You will receive both the PDF and JPEG files in three sizes; small at 5 x 7 in medium at 8.5 x 11 in and large at 18 x 24 in unless otherwise stated.

Tori's frames are a collection of old and new. She has found many from antique or second hand stores. Otherwise she finds frames at Homesense, IKEA, or Michaels. There are a few of our favourite frames linked on in the 'shop' section.

You can send your digital file to your local printer or you can get it printed at stores such as London Drugs or Costco. We recommend a local printer to ensure high quality printing!

Due to the digital nature of our products we unfortunately are unable to refund or exchange any purchases.


There are three different meal plans we’ve created to help address this (gluten free, vegan and nut free)! For any nut allergies in a household, you can easily substitute or remove nuts from the few recipes that call for them: we've provided the instructions.   You can easily use dairy-free alternatives to items such as cheese or milk in the regular meal plan as well.

There is around 1-2 hours of prep on Sunday’s that helps save you loads of time throughout the week! Each dinner takes less than a half hour to make and breakfast and lunches are prepped ahead.

The meal plan covers 5 days each week, allowing for 2 'free' days so you can flex it fit your life as needed! 

Yes! The meal plan was designed with kids in mind, we also include helpful tips for picky eaters.

We have included a substitution guide to help you navigate grocery shopping should you not be able to source an ingredient.

All of the meals are simple to make and include detailed instructions so any level of skill can make them. The ingredients used in the recipes are commonly found in basic grocery stores (not fancy or hard to source!).

All meal plan subscribers will be invited to join an exclusive Facebook group where we will post resources, provide tips, answer questions ... and we will be going LIVE on a regular basis to help guide you (and your new meal planning friends!) through the meal plan.  

While this meal plan wasn't designed for weight loss specifically, the plan provides healthy options and is centred around whole plant-based foods that make you feel good and may help you achieve a healthier weight depending on your previous eating habits.

We've carefully designed the meal plan so there is very little repetition in meals (there are some cases where your dinner is repurposed for the next day's lunch). The huge amount of variety allows you to repeat the meal plan as often as you wish without getting bored of the meals!

The grocery costs will range depending on where you purchase your groceries and if you're buying organic etc. You should expect to spend approximately $150-200 a week on the Regular Meal Plan for 4 people, not including snacks (and a little less for the Vegan Plan).

The recipes are unique to the meal plan!  

Once you purchase the meal plan it is yours forever: this is a one time charge, not a subscription model.

You can adapt it for one! Upon getting the meal plan I would recommend taking a glance over each week’s meals and decide if there are meals that you would like to cut in half and others you would like to freeze should there be extras.  You could reduce your grocery list should you wish to cut certain recipes in half, but keep in mind that this is a 5 day meal plan (weekdays are free) so the extra groceries (and leftovers!) could help you get through the weekend too!

Each meal plan is sold separately. If you purchased the spring meal plan you would need to purchase any other meal plans such as the fall meal plan separately.

The meal plans are all designed to have nut free options  - for all plans!  

The meal plans have completely different recipes. While both meal plans can be used at any time of the year, the Fall Meal Plan includes more comfort recipes that are better suited for the cooler time of the year.  Purchasing them both will give you 8 weeks of wholesome recipes.

If you are vegetarian we recommend purchasing the Vegan Meal Plan and adding dairy products back in.  If you are Pescatarian you can easily add in fish or seafood to many of the recipes: we are here to help should you need extra support or recommendations for specific recipes!